11/15/2017 - EELP News - Electricity Law Initiative

Ari Peskoe is Visiting Scholar at Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

Policy Initiative Senior Fellow Ari Peskoe spent a week on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania recently, as a visiting scholar at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy. While at Penn, Ari was a guest lecturer at Penn Law’s Energy and Climate Change Law course, gave a public talk attended by students, professors, and people from the private sector and government, and appeared on a podcast.

Ari’s public lecture focused on the roles of state and federal regulators in shaping the mix of resources that powers the U.S. electric grid. He discussed the history of state and federal regulation and explained how current disputes about New York and Illinois programs to support nuclear power could undermine state authority.

In the Kleinman Center’s Energy Policy Now Podcast, Ari discussed how state and federal regulators allow distributed energy resources, such as rooftop solar, to sell energy.