12/10/2018 - EELP News

Professor Robert Anderson files Professors’ Amicus on Bears Ears

Oneida Indian Nation Visiting Professor and leading expert on Public Lands and Indian law Robert Anderson filed an amicus brief with Sarah Krakoff Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research and Moses Lasky Professor of Law at the University of Colorado, signed by 13 law professors from multiple universities, as part of the challenge to the Trump administration’s actions to dramatically shrink Bears Ears monument.

“This case presents a fundamental question about the administration of the Antiquities Act of 1906 (Act of June 8, 1906, c. 3060, codified as amended at 54 U.S.C. § 320301, et seq.). Central to the resolution of this case is an understanding of the history of public land law and the manner in which Congress has allocated authority in its various delegations of power to the executive branch. The undersigned professors and those listed in the appendix are uniquely situated to assist the court in resolution of the case.”

You can read the full brief here.