03/20/2019 - CleanLaw Podcast - Corporate Climate Disclosures

CleanLaw – Hana Vizcarra and Sarah Light: The Law of Corporation as Environmental Law

How can business law better incentivize companies to take environmental consequences into account? In her latest article, Prof. Sarah Light, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics at Wharton, asks this question.

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Prof. Light proposes incorporating an “environmental priority principle” into corporate, securities, antitrust, and bankruptcy law that moves the law further across a continuum from prohibiting consideration of environmental outcomes to incentivizing such considerations by corporations.

EELP Staff Attorney Hana Vizcarra spoke with Prof. Light about her article, how these areas of law weave into environmental law, and how they can more strongly influence positive environmental decision making by firms.

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Read Prof. Light’s full article in the Stanford Law Review here: The Law of Corporation as Environmental Law