06/11/2019 - EELP News - EPA Mission Tracker

Gina McCarthy Testifies at Hearing on EPA’s Critical Mission, Cites our Tracker

by Robin Just

“I’m here to ask the committee to hold EPA accountable to its mission.” Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee in a bipartisan panel of former EPA administrators, to express concern over EPA’s management under President Trump. The former administrators decried the current EPA’s attacks on science, climate policy, international cooperation, and its giveaways to industry at the expense of public health and the environment.

In her written testimony, Administrator McCarthy goes deeper into her analysis of EPA’s failure to do its most basic job. Citing, in part, our EPA Mission Tracker, she gives evidence of the agency’s denial of the benefits of pollution reduction, misleading the public on climate science, stepping back from enforcement, and other actions that are contrary to EPA’s mission to protect public health and the environment.

Our EPA Mission Tracker was developed by our executive director Joe Goffman, who came to us after spending decades in public service, including many years at EPA where he worked on the Clean Power Plan, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, the Cross State Air Pollution Rule, the Oil and Gas New Source Performance Standards, and related air quality and climate change rules. He and his former colleagues, and former staffers from previous administrations both Republican and Democrat, have watched the unraveling of decades of bipartisan, transparent, stakeholder- and science-informed policies. Joe created this tracker to bear witness to this unraveling, and to provide a blueprint to re-create what we are losing.