11/19/2019 - CleanLaw Podcast - Power Sector Rules

CleanLaw: Caitlin McCoy and Joe Goffman on the Affordable Clean Energy Rule

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In this episode, Caitlin and Joe talk about their white paper on the Repeal of the Clean Power Plan and the Affordable Clean Energy Rule. They also discuss the litigation challenging the repeal and new rule, with updates including petitioners’ motion to hold the case in abeyance pending EPA’s issuing the final New Source Review rule, which was initially included in the ACE proposal.

Here are the other papers and podcast mentioned in this episode:

EPA’s Attack on New Source Review and Other Air Quality Protection Tools by Joe Goffman, Janet McCabe, and William Niebling, 10/31/2019

Joe Interviews Kathy Fallon Lambert on Increased Emissions under ACE, CleanLaw podcast, 10/8/2019

Review of New Source Review Changes in Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Proposal by Joe Goffman and Hana Vizcarra, 10/29/2018