11/13/2019 - CleanLaw Podcast - Corporate Climate Disclosures - Disaster Response

CleanLaw: Hana Vizcarra Interviews Jesse Keenan on Climate Adaptation and Finance

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In this episode Hana talks with Jesse Keenan, a social scientist and lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Harvard Kennedy School in Science, Technology and Public Policy.

They discuss climate-related data, financing community development to encourage adaptation, and recent work about what drives coastal adaptation decisions that communities make.

See more of Jesse’s work in these recent papers:

Variables shaping coastal adaptation decisions to armor, nourish, and retreat in North Carolina with A.R. Siders, in the Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management

Strategies to Address Climate Change Risk in Low- and Moderate-income Communities: Climate Adaptation and Community Development for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

A climate intelligence arms race in financial markets in Science Magazine