01/10/2020 - CleanLaw Podcast - Federal Policy Analysis

CleanLaw: Joe Goffman and Alex Barron on Carbon Pricing Models

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Our executive director Joe Goffman speaks with Smith College Professor of Environmental Science and Policy Alex Barron. Alex is a former senior official in EPA’s policy office and discusses his work with economists and other experts to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the economic models we use to analyze carbon pricing policies.

Alex describes a current (not-yet-published) collaboration with researchers at Columbia University Center for Global Energy Policy and the University of Maryland to develop a new modeling approach to setting carbon prices. A short talk by Noah Kaufman on this approach can be found here. Alex also discusses insights from his work with the Stanford Energy Modeling Forum on what kinds of policy design insights can be drawn from existing models (a Brooking Institution Discussion Paper that summarizes that work can be found here).

Alex is on twitter at @AlexRBarron and you can see more of his work in these recent projects:

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