03/09/2020 - CleanLaw Podcast - EPA Mission Tracker - Regulatory Rollbacks

CleanLaw: Restricting EPA’s authority – Joe Goffman and Laura Bloomer Talk Clean Air Act Rollbacks

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EELP Fellow Laura Bloomer speaks with our Executive Director Joe Goffman about how the Trump Administration is using regulatory rollbacks to advance new interpretations of the Clean Air Act that restrict EPA’s authority to address climate change and threaten the agency’s long-term ability to deliver needed reductions in air pollution.

Laura and Joe analyze four rulemakings: (1) the repeal of the Clean Power Plan and its replacement with the Affordable Clean Energy Rule, (2) the revocation of California’s preemption waiver for its greenhouse gas tailpipe emissions standards and its Zero Emissions Vehicle program, (3) the proposed withdrawal and replacement of the “appropriate and necessary” finding that underpins the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards, and (4) the proposed rescission of methane regulations for the oil and natural gas sector.

For more information, please see our post How Statutory Interpretation of the Clean Air Act Serves the Trump Administration’s Deregulatory Agenda