11/19/2020 - EELP News - Federal Policy Analysis

Looking Ahead and Priorities for a Biden Administration – New Resources from EELP

With the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, the coming months will be a watershed in the evolution of environmental law and policy. We’ve created two new resources to explain what the new administration may prioritize and how they will accomplish their goals.

Our “Looking Ahead” page illuminates the Trump administration’s legacy, which will continue to affect the course of environmental law and policy over the next four years, but will also fade as the incoming Biden administration seizes the initiative in making renewed environmental progress.

In anticipation of the election, we spent time this summer and fall examining climate, energy, and environmental priorities from the Biden campaign, surveying proposals made by outside experts, and reviewing our own work tracking the Trump administration’s regulatory changes. We’ve organized potential executive branch policy actions into several useful lists in our “Priorities for a Biden Administration: Day One Steps, Paris Agreement, Environmental Justice, and EPA and DOI Actions” page.

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