11/16/2020 - Corporate Climate Disclosures

Tracking the Continuing Evolution of Climate-Related Disclosures by Public Companies

by Hana Vizcarra

In two new publications, I take a closer look at recent developments in the push for more robust disclosures of climate-related risks from public companies. As investors incorporate more information about climate change impacts into their analyses and companies experiment with how best to disclose in line with the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures (TCFD)’s 2017 recommendations, the landscape continues to evolve.

In the law and policy publication the Environmental Law Forum, I talk about the diverging paths federal regulators are taking on climate risk in the corporate world and financial system, the slow transformation of climate-related information into financially material information, and how recent cases involving relevant questions can inform our understanding of how this process may develop.

In the Oil, Gas, and Energy Law (OGEL) journal, I discuss in more detail the state of federal regulation of climate-related disclosure and financial risks. I outline how financial sector pressures are contributing to the push for more robust disclosures and consider the potential trajectory of the divergent approaches of federal regulatory bodies in light of electoral changes.

Download both of these articles below:

To see more of our work on how climate change is effecting corporate disclosure practices and financial risk management, visit our Climate-Related Disclosure and Financial Risk Management page. This project is part of our analysis of how the private sector is responding to climate change.