02/17/2021 - CleanLaw Podcast - Electricity Law Initiative

CleanLaw: Electric Utility Mergers and Consolidation – Scott Hempling and Ari Peskoe

In this episode, our Electricity Law Initiative director, Ari Peskoe, speaks with Scott Hempling, adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center. They discuss Scott’s new book, Regulating Mergers and Acquisitions of the U.S. Electric Utilities: Industry Concentration and Corporate Complication. Scott has also written about FERC’s review of utility merger applications in a 2018 Energy Law Journal Article entitled Inconsistent with the Public Interest: FERC’s Three Decades of Deference to Electricity Consolidation. Note: we recorded this episode in early November, 2020. 

See here for a full transcript of this episode.

CleanLaw Production Team: Robin Just, Andy Dolph, and Sara Levy

CleanLaw: Harvard Environmental & Energy Law · Ep 54 – Electric Utility Mergers and Industry Consolidation with Scott Hempling and Ari Peskoe