04/08/2021 - Clean Water Act - CleanLaw Podcast - Environmental Justice

CleanLaw: Environmental Racism in North Carolina Hog Farming Part I with Naeema Muhammad, Alexis Andiman, and Hannah Perls

In this episode EELP Fellow Hannah Perls spoke with Naeema Muhammad and Alexis Andiman. Naeema is a life-long activist and the Organizing Co-Director of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, where she has worked for the past two decades leading state-wide campaigns and supporting grassroots efforts for environmental and social justice. Alexis Andiman is a staff attorney with the Sustainable Food & Farming Program with Earthjustice.

This is the first episode in a 2-part series in which we’ll look at some of the legal tools advocates are using to challenge the disparate impacts of pollution in environmental justice communities. In both episodes, we’ll be focusing on eastern North Carolina, where communities are challenging pervasive air and water pollution from industrial hog operations. Hear or read the second episode in this series here.

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CleanLaw Production Team: Robin Just, Andy Dolph, and Sara Levy

CleanLaw: Harvard Environmental & Energy Law · 56 – Environmental Racism in NC Hog Farming with Naeema Muhammad, Alexis Andiman, & Hannah Perls