04/15/2021 - Corporate Climate Disclosures

New Tools to Track Financial Regulator and Investment Community Action on Climate Disclosure and Risk Management

The US is entering a new era for addressing climate change in corporate reporting and financial risk management. Federal regulators are starting to take action and the investor-corporate engagement of the last five years has matured with more substantive commitments from the companies, banks, and the investment community on how climate-related risks and opportunities will be considered and influence their decision making.

Since 2018, EELP has studied legal questions around these topics as companies and investors have become more knowledgeable about the impacts of climate change. We’ve analyzed how the state of the law has shifted as reasonable investors incorporate climate change information into their decision making and are closely following developments to provide sound legal analysis that will influence and make sense of regulatory choices.

As the action expands from the private sector to government, we will continue to analyze these developments. This week, we’ve released some new tools to help you keep up with this rapidly evolving area. On our revised Climate Change, Corporate Disclosure, and Financial Risk page you will find a new Financial Regulator Climate Action Tracker and a Timeline of Investor and Bank Use of Climate Information that we are regularly updating. In addition, all of our legal analysis work is available under the Publications, Presentations, & Podcasts section at the bottom of the page.

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