05/11/2021 - Federal Policy Analysis

Biden’s First 100 Days of Climate Action

by Hana Vizcarra, Hannah Perls

Over the past four years, EELP closely tracked the Trump administration’s environmental deregulatory efforts. After the 2020 presidential election, we shifted our focus to assessing what these deregulatory actions would mean for the incoming administration’s goals. When President Biden took office, he quickly signaled a change in direction, issuing executive orders outlining agency mandates to address climate change, environmental injustice, and other pressing challenges. EELP reviewed these early orders and anticipated federal agency actions in our March 3 report “Biden’s Week One: Mapping Ambitious Climate Action.”

Now over 100 days into the Biden administration, we review the progress made on the climate and environmental goals outlined in his first week in office — undoing Trump rollbacks, implementing environmental justice and decarbonization priorities, and returning to the international stage. See our analysis of these and other topics in our “Biden’s First 100 Days of Climate Action” report.

Accompanying the report is a spreadsheet in which we are tracking the progress that agencies and officials are making in meeting the deadlines outlined in Biden’s early orders. We will periodically update this spreadsheet as we track the administration’s progress. Sign up for our regulatory updates email list to receive alerts when we do.

View our full Biden’s First 100 Days of Climate Action report or click here to download it.

View the Biden Environmental Action Tracker spreadsheet. (This spreadsheet is not downloadable, to request a copy please contact Communications Director Robin Just.)