06/03/2021 - Biden Administration Status Update - CleanLaw Podcast

Cleanlaw – Hana Vizcarra and Hannah Perls Talk about President Biden’s First 100 Days

EELP Staff Attorney Hana Vizcarra and Fellow Hannah Perls talk about the progress of the Biden administration on climate and environmental priorities now that the first hundred days have passed. We originally posted this as a video, which you can view here. They cover a range of topics around the Biden-Harris climate and environment agenda, including progress made so far on addressing the Trump administration’s rule rollbacks, the US rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and our Nationally Determined Contributions, California’s clean car rules, the growing call for corporations to disclose climate-related risks, and how the Biden administration is implementing its environmental justice goals. Check out our extensive report on the first 100 days here!

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CleanLaw Production Team: Robin Just, Andy Dolph, and Sara Levy

CleanLaw: Harvard Environmental & Energy Law · 58-Biden’s first 100 Days on Climate and the Environment with Hana Vizcarra and Hannah Perls