01/28/2022 - Clean Car Rules - CleanLaw Podcast - Faculty

CleanLaw—Jody Freeman and Chet France Discuss the Clean Car Rules

Our founding director Jody Freeman, who was also an independent director of ConocoPhillips, speaks with Chet France, who served as a senior executive at EPA and led the development of vehicle pollution standards at the agency, including overseeing, during the Obama administration, the first national greenhouse gas standards for cars and trucks. They talk about the development of the clean car rules, the stalled progress under the Trump administration, and the Biden administration’s renewal and strengthening of the original standards. With President Biden’s ambitious goals for electric vehicles, the major auto companies’ pledges to produce an all-electric fleet, Congress’s funding of charging infrastructure, and the new EPA standards, Jody and Chet discuss how we are at a potentially transformational moment in the history of the Clean Air Act, the auto industry, and climate change.

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CleanLaw Production Team: Robin Just, Andy Dolph, and Sara Levy

CleanLaw: Harvard Environmental & Energy Law · 65—Clean Car Rules with Jody Freeman and Chet France