07/26/2022 - CleanLaw Podcast - Faculty - Federal Policy - Power Plant Regulation

CleanLaw—Jody Freeman, Richard Lazarus, and Carrie Jenks Break Down the West Virginia v. EPA Decision

by Carrie Jenks, Jody Freeman, Richard Lazarus

Harvard Law Professors Jody Freeman and Richard Lazarus and EELP Executive Director, Carrie Jenks discuss the Supreme Court decision on West Virginia v. EPA. They break down the majority decision, concurrence, and dissent, and discuss how the major questions doctrine could affect EPA regulations addressing greenhouse gases and other key regulatory priorities for the Biden administration.

For another perspective on the case, listen to Jody Freeman, Jay Duffy, and Kevin Poloncarz on West Virginia v. EPA—Implications for Regulating the Power Sector. In this episode, Jay Duffy, an attorney at Clean Air Task Force, and Kevin Poloncarz, a partner at the law firm Covington and Burling share what the decision means for their clients and the potential implications for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector.

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CleanLaw: Harvard Environmental & Energy Law · 68-WV v EPA Pt 1: Breaking Down the Court’s Opinion: Jody Freeman, Richard Lazarus, and Carrie Jenks