12/06/2022 - Comment Filed - Inflation Reduction Act - State & Regional Climate Strategies

EELP submits comments to EPA’s $27B Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund RFI on behalf of affordable housing and energy experts

by Dale Bryk

EELP submitted comments today on behalf of a small group of affordable housing and energy experts in response to EPA’s Inflation Reduction Act GHG Reduction Fund Request for Information. In the comment, the group offers considerations for a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GHGRF) framework that will drive near-term investments to reduce pollution and improve quality of life while maximizing health, economic, and environmental benefits over the long-term.

EPA’s guidance to GHGRF applicants can establish such a framework by: setting clear goals; identifying specific target technologies and markets, and provisionally excluding others; encouraging an integrated approach to providing technical assistance, grants and financing; setting rigorous performance standards; building on existing technical assistance infrastructure; and setting rigorous governance and accountability standards.

These comments build upon recent discussions among expert stakeholders with experience in and perspective from academia, NGOs, and the private and public sectors. We convened this group informally, and, while the stakeholders listed in the document may not endorse each element of these comments, and many are offering additional comments individually, each was consulted in the development of these comments and supports their submittal for EPA’s consideration. Read the comment we submitted here.

EELP also contributed to comments addressing civil rights protections in the implementation of EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. Read more and find that comment here.