02/14/2023 - CleanLaw Podcast - Onshore Energy

CleanLaw Quick Take–Dakota Access Pipeline update with Hannah Perls and Carrie Jenks

In our first CleanLaw Quick Take*, our Executive Director Carrie Jenks and Staff Attorney Hannah Perls walk through the latest updates on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Hannah explains how the US Army Corps of Engineers’ announcement about its upcoming draft Environmental Impact Statement might affect the future of the pipeline, and how litigation between the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Army Corps got us to this point. Carrie and Hannah also review the Tribe’s concerns in that litigation, what will happen after the draft environmental impact statement is released, and how other federal actions might affect what’s in the Army Corps’ draft. You can stay updated on the Dakota Access Pipeline on our Regulatory Tracker Page.

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*CleanLaw Quick Takes are mini episodes where our staff break down a current topic in environmental or energy law in ten minutes or less. These episodes are designed for general audiences as well as practitioners.

CleanLaw: Harvard Environmental & Energy Law · Ep 77—Quick Take: The Dakota Access Pipeline with Hannah Perls and Carrie Jenks