Carrie Jenks

Selected Publications and Appearances

Carrie spoke at an invitation only first-ever methane summit at the White House. The event was attended by local, state, and federal officials, and highlighted how state and tribal governments are responding to methane emissions events, showcased cutting edge methane detection technologies, and identified areas for collaboration. July 2023

Unplugging Emissions: Exploring New EPA Rules on Climate and Health, Webinar with Resources for the Future. May 2023

EPA’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Power Plants are Consistent with Statutory Factors and Market Trends, EELP publication with Sara Dewey, Hannah Perls, and Hannah Oakes Dobie; EPA’s Proposed Power Sector Rules with Jody Freeman, Jay Duffy, Kevin Poloncarz, and Carrie Jenks, EELP’s CleanLaw podcast. May 2023

Ambitious and Achievable: EPA’s Proposed Multi-Pollutant Emissions Standards for Model Years 2027 and Later Light- and Medium-Duty Vehicles, EELP publication with Sara Dewey. April 2023

The 2023 Good Neighbor Plan, EELP publication with Hannah Oakes Dobie. March 2023, and The Good Neighbor Plan for Interstate Ozone Pollution with Carrie Jenks and Hannah Oakes Dobie, EELP’s Cleanlaw podcast, April 2023

EPA’s supplemental methane proposal and the use of advanced technologies with Carrie Jenks, Kyle Danish, and Dan Zimmerle, EELP’s CleanLaw podcast. January 2023

EPA’s Supplemental Methane Proposal—A Comprehensive Regulatory Framework to Encourage Use of Advanced Technologies and Significantly Reduce Methane Emissions, EELP publication with Hannah Oakes Dobie and Sara Dewey. November 2022

Supreme Court Embraces the Major Questions Doctrine as Limiting but Leaving the Door Open for Power Sector GHG Regulations, EELP publication with Hannah Oakes Dobie and Sara Dewey. July 2022