Environmental Governance

We track and analyze federal regulatory decisions that impact public health and the environment, explaining their implications, and identifying alternatives that would better promote the public interest. We’ve also monitored the former administration’s environmental rollbacks. Our Regulatory Rollback Tracker has dozens of posts with descriptions of the rules that were targeted and the latest updates. In addition to rule rollbacks, the Trump EPA worked to dismantle the agency’s capacity to fulfill its public health and environmental mission. We’ve tracked these efforts, and analyzed them in-depth.


Regulatory Rollback Tracker

We track around 80 environmental and energy regulatory rollbacks. In each post, we describe the rules being targeted, what’s at stake, and the latest updates.  Click here for our Regulatory Rollback Tracker.

EPA Mission Tracker

We analyzed the Trump EPA’s efforts to undermine the agency’s capacity to act in four key areas: science, public health, accountability, and enforcement and compliance. Click here for the EPA Mission Tracker.