Tracking the Biden-Harris Climate & Environmental Agenda

President Biden came to office with one of the most ambitious climate agendas of any president. As his administration implements its climate and environmental agenda, we will collect our analysis of these developments on this page.

Scroll down to see our pieces analyzing the Biden administration’s efforts to grapple with the deregulatory legacy of the Trump administration, its progress implementing new policy goals, and efforts to rebuild agency capacity.

You can still find our prior work on the Trump administration as well as links to our ongoing work on the Biden administration on our Environmental Governance page. 

Mapping Biden’s Agenda Report:  In his first week in office, President Biden signed executive orders aimed at repairing the damage of the Trump administration and achieving the administration’s ambitious climate goals. We analyzed these directives in our Mapping Biden’s Climate Agenda: Week One EOs report. 

Pre-Election Likely Biden Actions:  Before President Biden took office, we also prepared a set of lists organizing potential executive branch actions.

Our ongoing work analyzing the Biden administration’s climate and environmental actions is catalogued below by category.

Repairing the Trump Deregulatory Damage

The Trump administration left a wake of rolled back protections, weakened environmental statutes, and broken regulatory systems. We tracked the Trump administration’s approach in our Trump-era Regulatory Rollback Tracker and EPA Mission Tracker. We continued to update the Regulatory Rollback Tracker with significant updates through the first 100 days of the Biden administration. As we develop new analysis on the legal issues facing the Biden administration when responding to Trump-era regulatory decisions, we will collect these pieces here.

Tackling New Goals

The Biden administration is not limiting itself to responding to the Trump administration’s actions; it has outlined an ambitious clean energy, infrastructure, climate, and environmental justice agenda. Pieces in this section analyze these new initiatives as they unfold.

Rebuilding Our Agencies

The Trump administration had a profound impact on the operations of our environmental and public lands agencies, leaving a legacy of unfilled positions, brain drain, and disrupted internal operations. Rebuilding these agencies and their internal policies, offices, and expertise is essential to the Biden administration’s regulatory agenda.