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Video extra: State Perspectives on Power Sector Changes, a discussion with state utility regulators and policymakers about state approaches to maintaining a reliable, affordable, and cleaner power system.


May 14, 2024 — Wicked Resilient: Climate Adaptation in Massachusetts

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January 8, 2024 — The Endangered Species Act at 50: Potent Statute, Risky Future

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December 28, 2023 – Global and US Methane Emissions Reduction Progress

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November 1, 2023 – Replacing the Utility Transmission Syndicate’s Control, Hannah Dobie interviews Ari Peskoe about his new article in Energy Law Journal

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October 17, 2023 — 3 lawsuits on auto emissions, 1 United Auto Workers strike, and the impact on the EV transition with Jody Freeman, Kevin Poloncarz, and Jack Ewing

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August 23, 2023 — The Loper Bright Case and Fate of the Chevron Doctrine with Jody Freeman and Andy Mergen

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June 26, 2023 — Charleston: Race, Water, and the Coming Storm with Susan Crawford, Michelle Mapp, and Hannah Perls

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June 21, 2023 — Sackett v. EPA Decision: What the Justices Said and What this Means for Water with Jody Freeman, Richard Lazarus, and Steph Tai

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June 8, 2023 — Quick Take: The Debt Ceiling Bill and NEPA Permitting Reform with Carrie Jenks, Hannah Perls, and Ari Peskoe

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June 7, 2023 — Quick Take: Good News for Clean Energy from the Supreme Court with Ari Peskoe and Carrie Jenks

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May 23, 2023 – EPA’s Proposed Power Sector Rules with Jody Freeman, Jay Duffy, Kevin Poloncarz, and Carrie Jenks

May 5, 2023 – Equitable Disaster Insurance & Climate Change with Hannah Perls, Carolyn Kousky, & Sean Hecht

April 22, 2023 — Journey to the Electrification of the Transportation Sector with Jody Freeman and Chet France

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April 10, 2023 — The Making of Environmental Law with Richard Lazarus and Carrie Jenks

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April 7, 2023 — The Good Neighbor Plan for Interstate Ozone Pollution with Carrie Jenks and Hannah Oakes Dobie

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March 7, 2023 – Quick Take on the East Palestine Train Derailment with Sara Dewey and Hannah Perls

February 15, 2023 – Quick Take on Dakota Access Pipeline with Hannah Perls and Carrie Jenks

January 30, 2023 – Proposed Offshore Drilling Safety Rules with Chris Eaton and Lowry Yankwich

January 5, 2023 – EPA’s supplemental methane proposal and the use of advanced technologies with Carrie Jenks, Kyle Danish, and Dan Zimmerle

November 17, 2022 – Oregon’s Clean Fuel Standards with Abby Husselbee and Cory-Ann Wind

October 31, 2022—Current Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Transmission, with Ari Peskoe and Hannah Oakes

October 6, 2022—Legislating Environmental Justice in New York with Prof. Rebecca Bratspies and Hannah Perls

September 15, 2022—Corporate Net Zero Commitments: GE’s Roger Martella speaks with Lowry Yankwich

August 25, 2022—The IRA and Clean Energy Implications with Jody Freeman and Greg Dotson

July 15, 2022—Jody Freeman, Jay Duffy, and Kevin Poloncarz on WV v. EPA - Implications for Regulating the Power Sector

June 30, 2022—Jody Freeman, Richard Lazarus, and Carrie Jenks on West Virginia v. EPA Decision

March 31, 2022—Jody Freeman and Richard Lazarus on West Virginia v. EPA, What’s Next?

February 14, 2022—Joel Scata and Hannah Perls on Fixing the National Flood Insurance Program

January 28, 2022—Jody Freeman and Chet France Discuss the Clean Car Rules

January 5, 2022—Lowry Yankwich and Doug Christel Talk about the South Fork Wind Project

December 17, 2021—Carrie Jenks and Kate Konschnik Talk about EPA’s Proposed Methane Rules

October 12, 2021—Hana Vizcarra and Madison Condon Discuss how the Market Has Failed to Price Climate Risk

September 8, 2021—Carrie Jenks and Kevin Poloncarz on the Petitions to the Supreme Court of the D.C. Circuit’s Decision Vacating ACE

August 9, 2021—Hannah Perls and Aminta Ossom Talk about Human Rights and Climate Change

July 16, 2021—Ari Peskoe and Brandon Smithwood Talk about Business Models for Distributed Energy Resources

June 3, 2021—Hana Vizcarra and Hannah Perls Talk about Biden’s First 100 Days

April 22, 2021—Environmental Racism in NC Hog Farming Part II with Naeema Muhammad, Elizabeth Haddix, and Hannah Perls

April 8, 2021—Environmental Racism in North Carolina Hog Farming Part I with Naeema Muhammad, Alexis Andiman, and Hannah Perls

March 25, 2021—Harmonizing States’ Energy Utility Regulation Frameworks and Climate Laws with Elizabeth Stein, Justin Gundlach, and Caitlin McCoy

February 17, 2021—Electric Utility Mergers and Consolidation with Scott Hempling and Ari Peskoe

December 15, 2020—Katharine Hayhoe and Joe Goffman Talk Climate Science, Communication, and Hope

December 1, 2020—Matto Mildenberger and Ari Peskoe on the Politics of Carbon Pricing

November 19, 2020—Cynthia Giles and Joe Goffman on Next Generation Compliance

November 5, 2020—Erin Brockovich and Caitlin McCoy on Water Pollution Regulations and Effective Advocacy

October 15, 2020—Robin Just and Laura Bloomer on the Department of the Interior under the Trump Administration and Beyond

September 1, 2020—Caitlin McCoy and Aladdine Joroff on the Recent Mass AG Decision on Local Natural Gas Usage Laws

August 25, 2020—Joe Goffman and Francesca Dominici on the Intersection of Air Pollution, Coronavirus, and Black Communities

August 20, 2020—Joe Goffman and Sam Ricketts on Climate Policy

July 27, 2020—Hana Vizcarra and Kevin McLean on the Toxic Substances Control Act Revisions

June 29, 2020—Joe Goffman Interviews Cynthia Giles on EPA's Enforcement Problems During Covid-19

June 18, 2020—Ari Peskoe interviews Leah Stokes about State Clean Energy Policy

June 17, 2020—Ari Peskoe talks about Attacks on Net Metering for Rooftop Solar

May 1, 2020—Caitlin McCoy Speaks with Bethany Davis Noll about Clean Car Rules

April 29, 2020—Jody Freeman Speaks with Alex Griswold about Trump Rollbacks and Staying Optimistic

March 12, 2020—Joe Goffman Talks to Richard Lazarus about his New Book “The Rule of Five”

March 9, 2020—Restricting EPA’s authority: Joe Goffman and Laura Bloomer Talk Clean Air Act Rollbacks

February 12, 2020—Judge Alice Hill Speaks with Hana Vizcarra about National Security and Climate Change

January 27, 2020—Joe Goffman with Ari Peskoe about the FERC PJM Minimum Offer Price Rule (MOPR) Order

January 19, 2020—Ari Peskoe with Jason Burwen on Electricity Markets and Storage

January 13, 2020—Joe Goffman interviews Alex Barron about Carbon Pricing Models

January 9, 2020—Hana Vizcarra Interviews Samantha Ross on Investor Assurance and Corporate Climate Disclosure

December 18, 2019—Laura Bloomer Interviews Gretchen Goldman on EPA Science Advisory Panels

December 9, 2019—Hana Vizcarra Interviews Erik Landry on Corporate Climate Scenarios and Strategic Resilience

November 19, 2019—Joe Goffman and Caitlin McCoy on The Affordable Clean Energy Rule

November 13, 2019—Jesse Keenan and Hana Vizcarra on Climate Adaptation and Finance

November 4, 2019—Joe Goffman interviews Gernot Wagner on Climate Economics

October 8, 2019—Joe Goffman Interviews Kathy Fallon Lambert on Increased Emissions under ACE

September 30, 2019—Joe Goffman Interviews Jonathan Lewis on Biofuels – Part II

September 25, 2019—Caitlin McCoy and Joe Goffman on the California Waiver/Clean Car Rules

August 16, 2019—Joe Goffman and Jonathan Lewis on Biofuels, Part I

June 28, 2019—Robin Just and Hana Vizcarra Talk about Offshore Drilling

May 30, 2019—Ari Peskoe and Matt Christiansen Talk about the Federal Power Act

May 13, 2019—Joe Goffman Interviews Bill Becker on Vehicle Emissions Standards Rollbacks and Public Health

May 9, 2019—Caitlin McCoy talks with Michelle Melton about Vehicle Standards

May 3, 2019—Ari Peskoe and Jacob Mays Talk about Capacity Markets

April 22, 2019—Ari Peskoe and Bill Hogan Talk PJM Price Reform

April 11, 2019—Robin Just and Caitlin McCoy Talk about Keystone XL

March 28, 2019—Caitlin McCoy and Sarah Light Discuss Regulatory Horcruxes

March 20, 2019—Hana Vizcarra and Sarah Light: The Law of Corporation as Environmental Law

March 7, 2019—Kathy Fallon Lambert and Joe Goffman Discuss MATS and ACE

March 7, 2019—Joe and Kathy Fallon Lambert on Policy-Relevant Science

February, 2019—Joe Goffman and Janet McCabe Talk about MATS Rollbacks

January 25, 2019—Caitlin McCoy interviews Eric Lipton on Environmental Rollbacks

December 14, 2018—Caitlin McCoy and Sarah Winner on WOTUS

December 6, 2018—What Environmental Protection Owes George H.W. Bush

November 29, 2018—Ari Peskoe and Jesse Jenkins on Renewables and Electricity Markets

November 16, 2018—Ari Peskoe and Phil Sharp Celebrate PURPA's 40th

November 11, 2018—Joe Goffman Interviews Cynthia Giles about EPA Enforcement of Oil & Gas

August 29, 2018—Hana Vizcarra Talks with Ari Peskoe about FERC Natural Gas Permitting

July 12, 2018—Joe Goffman and Francesca Dominici on Air Quality, Public Health, and Science

June 26, 2018—Joe and Janet McCabe on Subverting the Process of Setting Health-Based Air Quality Standards

June 8, 2018—Ari and Joe Talk about the Leaked DOE Memo