The Harvard Law School Environmental & Energy Law Program conducts cutting-edge, rigorous legal analysis to influence policy discussions about environmental, climate, and energy issues.

Our legal analysis helps facilitate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future; address the disruptive effects of climate change; and protect public health and welfare from environmental degradation. We identify strategies that improve environmental outcomes and overcome obstacles to environmental protection.

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Regulatory Rollback Tracker

  • 07/15/2020National Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM and Ozone
  • 07/15/2020Clean Air Act Section 126 Petitions
  • 07/15/2020Keystone XL Pipeline
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Electricity Law Initiative

This initiative supports the development of state and federal policies that reflect modern realities and enable a cleaner grid. The Electricity Law Initiative looks for the cracks in the electricity sector’s legal foundation that have been exposed by changes in the industry’s structure and available technologies.

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Environmental Governance

The Environmental Governance project tracks and analyzes federal rules and policies with the greatest potential to impact public health and the environment. We provide critical historical context, explain the implications of rules and policies, and describe their vulnerability to legal challenge. We also analyze how changes to EPA’s internal processes impact environmental and public health regulation and enforcement.

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Private Sector Governance & Innovation

The private sector is grappling with how to respond to the clean energy transition and physical risks of climate change, whether legal and regulatory reforms or rising seas. We analyze the key challenges to turning aspirations and commitments into actionable policies and identify opportunities for near-term progress within existing legal frameworks.

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State and Local Climate Strategies

States, counties, and cities are operating as climate policy laboratories given the lack of federal action to reduce GHG emissions and active efforts to undo existing climate policies. EELP is working to provide state and local policymakers with legal analysis of high-impact opportunities to reduce GHG emissions.

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