Regulatory Tracker

Trackers from Other Institutions

We compile other environmental law and policy trackers. Let us know if we missed one. Click here for a list of EELP trackers. 

Brookings Center Regulation and Markets Regulatory Tracker — provides background information and status updates on a curated selection of particularly important regulatory changes.

The Climate + Clean Energy Equity Fund’s Federal Funding Tracking Tool maps federal funding from key federal legislation—the Inflation Reduction Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the American Rescue Plan—as it moves from Congress to the states.

Columbia University, Sabin Center

  • Climate Reregulation Tracker — identifies steps taken by the Biden-Harris administration to reinstate and expand federal climate mitigation and adaptation measures that were rolled back or eliminated in the preceding four years, as well as new policies to address previously unregulated areas of climate law.
  • Inflation Reduction Act Tracker – a joint project with Environmental Defense Fund, tracks actions taken by federal agencies to implement provisions of the IRA.

NYU Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy & Land Use Law’s Plastics Litigation Tracker tracks state and federal cases addressing plastics, including resolved and pending cases. Click here for an overview of the Tracker.

NYU State Energy & Environmental Impact Center Attorney General Actions — State attorneys general are working to advance clean energy, climate and environmental laws and policies. This database includes filters to search actions of regional and national significance taken by state AGs since 2017.

Washington Post Tracking Biden’s environmental actions — updated periodically.

We Mean Business Climate Policy Tracker — points businesses to a practical climate regulation response.