Our Mission

The Environmental and Energy Law Program provides innovative, rigorous legal analysis to:

  • Facilitate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future;
  • Address the disruptive effects of climate change; and
  • Protect public health and welfare from environmental degradation.

Our Approach

We track and analyze policy developments, legal actions, and court decisions, primarily in the United States. We provide legal solutions to conflicts between different levels of government, public and private sectors, and stakeholders. We identify strategies that improve environmental outcomes and overcome obstacles to environmental protection.

We educate experts, decision makers, and advocates who seek to address climate change and its effects, counter public health threats posed by pollution, and steward America’s natural resources. We educate the public by serving as an expert resource for media and providing credible, accessible analysis in online platforms.

We conduct our research with a balance of optimism and realism. We train students to make practical contributions to environmental law and policy.

Areas of Expertise

The Electricity Law Initiative advances clean energy deployment by informing public policy discussions with rigorous research and analysis and innovative legal arguments.

Private Sector Project identifies and promotes opportunities for private companies to adopt positive environmental policies, and manage climate related risks, while pursuing their business priorities and remaining competitive through informed legal analysis.

State and Local Climate Strategies Project supports and advises state and local governments as they pursue greenhouse gas reduction and adaptation strategies, by helping to ensure their policies are legally authorized and soundly designed to withstand legal challenge.

Environmental Governance Project tracks, analyzes, and publicizes federal regulatory decisions that impact public health and environment, explaining their implications, and identifying alternatives that would better promote the public interest.

Prior EELP Projects have included

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