Our Trackers

Tracking the Biden-Harris Climate & Environmental Agenda

When President Biden took office, he quickly signaled a change in direction, issuing executive orders outlining agency mandates to address climate change, environmental injustice, and other pressing challenges. After the 2020 presidential election, we shifted our focus to assessing the incoming administration’s actions. As the administration implements its climate and environmental agenda, we are tracking its progress and collecting our analysis of these developments on this page.

We are regularly updating two spreadsheets tracking federal environmental and climate action:

Regulatory Tracker

We tracked around 80 environmental and energy regulatory rollbacks during the Trump administration. In each post, we describe the rules being targeted, what’s at stake, and the latest updates. We continue to update many of these pages during the Biden administration as a lot of them are still in play. Click here for our Regulatory Tracker.

Federal Environmental Justice Tracker

This tracker is designed to provide up-to-date information on the Biden administration’s environmental justice commitments, and progress made on those commitments. Click here for our Federal EJ Tracker.

EPA Mission Tracker

During the Trump administration, his EPA administrators worked to dismantle the agency’s capacity to fulfill its public health and environmental mission. We kept track of these efforts, and analyzed them in depth. Click here for the EPA Mission Tracker.