Student Opportunities

EELP regularly hires research assistants to work closely with our attorneys on a variety of topics in environmental and energy law. Students may help us track and analyze federal regulatory developments, research legal issues related to sea level rise, or work on research related to how the private sector is responding to climate change, among other topics. Students may prepare internal research memos and also have opportunities to contribute to publications or blogs on the topics they research. Read about the work of some of our current and former RA’s in Harvard Law Today.

If you are an HLS student and interested in working as an RA for EELP, please email Program Administrator Selena Wallace at [email protected]

We’re hiring a Legal Fellow for 2022-2023! This is an entry level position for a recent law school grad with 0-3 years of experience. It will be a one year position, beginning in Fall 2022, with the possibility of staying on another year. To learn more and apply, click here.

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The deadline to apply for the 2-year Beagle Fellowship with NRDC has passed, but it will be available again next Fall.

View these featured job postings for other opportunities related to environmental and energy law.

See below for examples of our students’ work. More student posts are available here.

Recent Projects

Featured Students

Sungjoo Ahn (JD 2021)

“As a student researcher at EELP, I was able to connect the study of law with my interests in energy policy and international relations. My advisors provided invaluable feedback on my research and writing, as well as an opportunity to publish my work alongside the law school faculty.”

Read Sungjoo’s piece on EPA’s New Aviation Emissions Standard: Why It’s Already Obsolete here.

Annalise Wagner (JD 2023)

“My research with EELP provided me with a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the intersection of civil rights and environmental law, which was not otherwise covered in the first year curriculum. It was also a great way to improve my legal research and writing skills through detailed, iterative feedback from EELP staff.”

Read Annalise’s piece on Rolling Back DOJ’s Title VI Protections: Trump’s Abandoned Attempt and Potential Impacts on EJ Enforcement here.

Environmental Regulation Tracker

Students performed background research and wrote the original drafts for many of our rollback tracker posts, including:

They also help to keep most of the pages updated as lawsuits are filed and decided, and agencies take further action.