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Jody Freeman

Professor Freeman is the Archibald Cox Professor at Harvard Law School and a leading expert on administrative law and environmental law. She is the founding director of Harvard Law School’s Environmental & Energy Law Program and established the Law School’s Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic. Professor Freeman served as Counselor for Energy and Climate Change in the Obama White House in 2009-2010 and worked with the Biden transition team on its climate action plan. A new edition of her landmark book, Global Climate Change and U.S. Law (edited with Mike Gerrard and Mike Burger) was published in January 2023. She serves on the climate advisory board of Norges Bank Investment Management, which manages the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, to help implement and refine the fund’s climate action plan to drive positive change. She formerly served on the board of the Electric Power Research Institute and as an independent director of ConocoPhillips. She is part of three university-wide climate research clusters sponsored by Harvard’s new Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability to accelerate climate solutions, focused on corporate net-zero commitments, methane reduction, and strengthening communities for the energy transition. She teaches courses in administrative law, climate and energy law, legislation and regulation, and environmental law.

Jody’s Faculty Profile
Jody’s Media Appearances

Selected Publications and Appearances

Global Climate Change and US Law, Third Edition, edited with Michael B. Gerrard and Michael Burger. January 2023

Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability Climate Research Clusters:

Norges Bank Investment Management announces Climate Advisory Board

CleanLaw podcast: Global and US Methane Emissions Reduction Progress with Bjorn Otto Sverdrup, Riley Duren, Peter Zalzal, and Carrie Jenks. December 2023

CleanLaw podcast: 3 lawsuits on auto emissions, 1 United Auto Workers strike, and the impact on the EV transition with Jody Freeman, Kevin Poloncarz, and Jack Ewing. October 2023

Legal Talk Network’s Lawyer2Lawyer podcast: Sackett v. EPA, Water, & Wetlands. October 2023

CleanLaw podcast: The Loper Bright Case and Fate of the Chevron Doctrine with Andy Mergen. August 2023

CleanLaw podcast: Sackett v. EPA Decision: What the Justices Said and What this Means for Water with Richard Lazarus and Steph Tai. June 2023

CleanLaw podcast: EPA’s Proposed Power Sector Rules with Jay Duffy, Kevin Poloncarz, and Carrie Jenks. May 2023

Watch a panel discussion at Harvard’s Salata Institute, moderated by Jody, in which faculty experts in the field of climate and sustainability discussed how Harvard is mobilizing to inform and guide society’s response to climate change. October 2022

Jody wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about the landmark Inflation Reduction Act and its implications for climate change. August 2022.

Jody wrote an op-ed for the Boston Globe about the Supreme Court’s decision on West Virginia v EPA. June 2022.

Click here to see Professor Freeman lead a conversation about global climate policy for the Council on Foreign Relations.

Jody wrote a guest essay for The New York Times about the Supreme Court’s ability to undermine the EPA’s authority to limit carbon emissions.

Jody appeared on a panel alongside other Harvard faculty to discuss Tackling the Climate Crisis featuring James Stock, Harvard’s Vice Provost for Climate and Sustainability

Listen to Jody’s conversation with Canadian energy experts providing an overview of U.S. energy and climate policy in 2021 and what it means for Canadian policy. December 2021.

Jody appeared on Fortune’s Reinvent podcast to discuss GM’s announcement to go all electric by 2035. November 2021.

Jody joined Steve Curwood on Living on Earth to talk about new EPA rules about methane emissions. November 2021.

Listen to Jody’s appearance on the Environmental Insights: Discussions on Policy and Practice from the Harvard Environmental Economics Program podcast. April 2021

Jody wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about GM’s decision to stop producing gas-powered vehicles by 2035 and become carbon neutral by 2040. February 2021

Watch Jody on Open to Debate, where she defends EPA’s Clean Power Plan as a reasonable, cost-effective method of controlling greenhouse gas emissions in the US. September, 2016







Richard Lazarus

Richard J. Lazarus is the Howard J. and Katherine W. Aibel Professor at Harvard Law School, where he teaches environmental and natural resources law. Professor Lazarus has represented the United States, state and local governments, and environmental groups in the United States Supreme Court in 40 cases and has presented oral argument in 14 of those cases. He served as the Executive Director of the National Commission on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill as well as on the Biden Transition Team for the U.S. Justice Department.

Faculty Profile
Media Articles

Selected Publications and Appearances

University of Chicago Law Review: Richard wrote an essay reviewing the Supreme Court’s decision in Sackett v. EPA, describing the opinion and discussing how the majority opinion lacks competent, principled legal analysis that the public can fairly demand of its Supreme Court Justices.

CleanLaw Podcast: Richard speaks with Professor Jody Freeman, EELP Executive Director Carrie Jenks, and University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Law Steph Tai about the US Supreme Court’s decision in Sackett v. EPA. June, 2023

CleanLaw Podcast: Richard speaks with Carrie Jenks about the long-awaited update to his book, The Making of Environmental Law. April, 2023

Washington Post: Richard wrote an op-ed about the Supreme Court’s decision on West Virginia v. EPA. June, 2022

Globus Podcast: SDSN Youth USA network coordinators Elizabeth Kostina and Nikita Angarski spoke with Richard about his expertise in environmental law and his work on the Commission investigating the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. June, 2022

Living on Earth: Steve Curwood interviews Richard about his book The Rule of Five: Making Climate History at the Supreme Court. May, 2020

SCOTUS preview: Richard and Jody Freeman offered an overview of major takeaways from the Court’s last term, including significant decisions for environmental lawyers, before transitioning to discuss both upcoming term cases and continuing cases. October, 2019

Accepts the Sacks-Freund Award for Teaching Excellence at HLS graduation. May, 2019

Delivered oral arguments defending Wisconsin before the Supreme Court in Murr v. Wisconsin, Spring 2017

Carrie Jenks

As Executive Director of the Environmental & Energy Law Program, Carrie leads the EELP team to identify legally durable strategies to support climate and environmental policies and advance clean energy deployment. With her legal and policy expertise in climate and environmental law, she has worked to build strategic alliances among stakeholders to advance policy solutions. Prior to the Environmental & Energy Law Program, Carrie was an Executive Vice President at M.J. Bradley & Associates where she directed power company coalitions that have played a critical role supporting, and defending in court, air pollution and climate regulations. Before that, Carrie was an Associate at Goodwin Procter and Willkie Farr & Gallagher. She received her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and B.A. from Harvard University.

Selected Publications and Appearances

Carrie spoke at an invitation only first-ever methane summit at the White House. The event was attended by local, state, and federal officials, and highlighted how state and tribal governments are responding to methane emissions events, showcased cutting edge methane detection technologies, and identified areas for collaboration. July 2023

Unplugging Emissions: Exploring New EPA Rules on Climate and Health, Webinar with Resources for the Future. May 2023

EPA’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Power Plants are Consistent with Statutory Factors and Market Trends, EELP publication with Sara Dewey, Hannah Perls, and Hannah Oakes Dobie; EPA’s Proposed Power Sector Rules with Jody Freeman, Jay Duffy, Kevin Poloncarz, and Carrie Jenks, EELP’s CleanLaw podcast. May 2023

Ambitious and Achievable: EPA’s Proposed Multi-Pollutant Emissions Standards for Model Years 2027 and Later Light- and Medium-Duty Vehicles, EELP publication with Sara Dewey. April 2023

The 2023 Good Neighbor Plan, EELP publication with Hannah Oakes Dobie. March 2023, and The Good Neighbor Plan for Interstate Ozone Pollution with Carrie Jenks and Hannah Oakes Dobie, EELP’s Cleanlaw podcast, April 2023

EPA’s supplemental methane proposal and the use of advanced technologies with Carrie Jenks, Kyle Danish, and Dan Zimmerle, EELP’s CleanLaw podcast. January 2023

EPA’s Supplemental Methane Proposal—A Comprehensive Regulatory Framework to Encourage Use of Advanced Technologies and Significantly Reduce Methane Emissions, EELP publication with Hannah Oakes Dobie and Sara Dewey. November 2022

Supreme Court Embraces the Major Questions Doctrine as Limiting but Leaving the Door Open for Power Sector GHG Regulations, EELP publication with Hannah Oakes Dobie and Sara Dewey. July 2022



Dale Bryk

Dale Bryk is Senior Attorney and Director of our State & Regional Climate Policies work. With over two decades’ experience developing and implementing climate, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transportation policies, Dale will help states and cities craft policies to deliver a just and equitable transition to a clean energy economy. Dale served as New York State’s Deputy Secretary for Energy and Environment from 2019-2020 and oversaw New York’s nation-leading climate agenda and directed the agencies and authorities responsible for developing and implementing the state policies and initiatives needed to build a just and sustainable clean energy economy. Prior to this, Dale served in a variety of positions at the Natural Resources Defense Council, including Chief Planning Officer, Director of Programs, and Director of the Energy & Transportation Program. Dale holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University, a master’s from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Ari Peskoe

Ari Peskoe is Director of the Electricity Law Initiative at the Environmental & Energy Law Program. He has written extensively about electricity regulation, on issues ranging from rooftop solar to constitutional challenges to states’ energy laws. Prior to the Electricity Law Initiative, Ari was an associate at a law firm in Washington, D.C., where he litigated before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission about the Western Energy Crisis. Before that, Ari was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana and spent two years trying to bring the 2012 Olympics to New York. He received his J.D. from Harvard Law School and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in electrical engineering and business.

Selected Publications and Appearances

The Supreme Court ends a looming legal threat to state clean energy laws. In the American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy, and Resource’s publication Ari discusses a May 2023 Supreme Court decision that holds the dormant Commerce Clause does not hog regulatory power from states and hamstring their ability to promote clean energy. September/October 2023

CleanLaw Quick Take: Good News for Clean Energy from the Supreme Court, podcast with Carrie Jenks. June 2023

Electricity Law Initiative Files Comments on FERC Transmission Oversight. March 2023

Testified at FERC Technical Conference on Transmission Planning and Costs, Files Statement and Evidence. October 2022

CleanLaw podcast: Current Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Transmission, with Hannah Oakes. October 2022

Is the Utility Transmission Syndicate Forever? EELP White paper, January 2021

Jurisdiction over Distributed Energy Resources, National Conference of Regulatory Attorneys, Nashville, TN, May 5, 2019

Power Over the U.S. Electric Grid,” Kleinman Center for Energy Visiting Scholar Lecture Series, Nov. 8, 2017


Sara Dewey

Sara Dewey is a Senior Staff Attorney at the Environmental & Energy Law Program. Sara joined EELP from Conservation Law Foundation, where she served as Director of the Farm & Food Initiative. Sara previously worked on environmental, agricultural, and energy issues as a Legislative Aide in the U.S. Senate and as Policy Director of the Governance, Environment, and Markets Initiative at Yale University. Sara holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University, and a B.A. from Middlebury College.

Richard Leahy

Richard is a Senior Attorney with the Environmental & Energy Law Program. He joined EELP from Walmart Inc., where he led Walmart’s Environmental Health and Safety Compliance organization and Walmart’s Legal Regulatory Compliance and Regulatory Risk Assessment function. Richard previously served as an attorney at the Environmental Protection Agency in various capacities. He holds a Masters in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School, and B.A. from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst.

Hannah Perls

Hannah Perls (she/ella) is a Senior Staff Attorney and former EELP Legal Fellow. Her work focuses on equitable disaster preparedness and response and federal environmental justice initiatives. Hannah previously worked as a Program Assistant and Development Director for Cristosal, a human rights non-profit based in El Salvador providing legal and humanitarian assistance to families internally displaced by violence. She also worked as an Environmental Scientist for AnchorQEA, specializing in coastal Superfund sites. Hannah received her J.D. from Harvard Law School and her B.A. with honors in environmental science and sustainable development from Columbia University. She serves on the Environmental Justice Legal Advisory Board for Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE) in Roxbury, MA, and as the Law & Policy Co-Chair for the Climigration Network.

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Hannah Oakes Dobie

Hannah Oakes Dobie is a Staff Attorney at the Environmental & Energy Law Program. Before EELP, Hannah was an associate with law firms in Boston and Denver, where she represented clients before six state utility commissions and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Prior to law school, she helped to conserve working forests in the Pacific Northwest with a land trust based in San Francisco. During law school she continued her focus on environmental protection and energy issues through various internships, including with Trustees for Alaska, in Anchorage. Hannah holds a J.D. from University of Colorado Law school and a B.S. in environmental policy from University of California Davis.

Abby Husselbee

Abby Husselbee is a Staff Attorney and former EELP Legal Fellow. Before joining EELP, she spent a year as the Re-entry Policy Fellow at Greater Boston Legal Services CORI & Re-entry Project. Abby received her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 2020 and served as an Executive Editor of the Food & Drug Law Journal. Prior to law school, Abby graduated with a B.S. from Boston College, where she was an active member of the Arts Council and a choreographer with student dance groups.

Luca Greco

Luca is a Legal Fellow with EELP working primarily on environmental justice initiatives. He received his J.D. from Harvard Law School, and was a part of the Housing Law Clinic, the Food Law and Policy Clinic, and a member of the Harvard Environmental Law Review where he published an article analyzing the environmental justice issues present in the agricultural industry. Luca is passionate about environmental justice, with a special interest in the intersection of environmental and labor law. He has a B.S. in business administration from Northeastern University.

Robin Just

Robin Just is senior editor for the Environmental & Energy Law Program. She has been a water regulator for the State of New Mexico and City of Santa Fe, and an environmental consultant on large-scale Superfund and military sites. Prior to HLS, Robin was a research associate at the Harvard Business School, where she spent several years investigating the effectiveness of environmental regulations and trends in US energy production. Robin has a BS in biology and Master of Water Resources, both from the University of New Mexico.

Sara Burr Levy

Sara Burr Levy is the Program Administrator for the Environmental & Energy Law Program. She joined EELP after a career at a large insight and information organization. Sara worked primarily in the oil and gas power and renewable energy sectors, supporting executives, subject matter experts, commercial teams, and clients. In her last position there she served as a key member of the marketing and communications team for an annual ministerial and c-level energy insight conference. Sara holds a BFA from Syracuse University.

Kim Wright

Kim is the Media and Outreach Manager for the Environmental & Energy Law Program. Previously, she was the social media manager and digital communications specialist in the Harvard Law School Office of Communications where she managed the Law School’s flagship social media channels, wrote and edited content for the HLS news website, and put her photography skills to use as a backup photographer. Kim received her B.A. in political science from Assumption College.