10/26/2018 - Appearances - EELP News

Ari Peskoe Discusses Distributed Energy Resources with State Regulators

Last week, Electricity Law Initiative Director Ari Peskoe presented his recent paper about regulation of distributed energy resources to the Organization of MISO States (OMS). OMS is a committee of state regulators from 15 midwestern and southeastern states whose utilities participate in the regional electricity market operated by the Midcontinent ISO (MISO).

Peskoe’s paper – The Case Against Direct FERC Regulation of Distributed Energy Resources – argues that states should have authority over energy sales by small-scale resources, such as rooftop solar. His presentation to state regulators last week highlighted the key arguments and examined the practical repercussions of adopting the legal theory. Peskoe was joined on the panel by Jeff Dennis of Advanced Energy Economy and John McCaffrey of the American Public Power Association.