04/02/2019 - Appearances - EELP News

Joe Goffman Teaching Climate Regulation Seminar at Florence School of Regulation

Our executive director Joe Goffman will lecture next week on “US Climate Change Policy Process and its Impacts on Investment Decision-Making” at the European University Institute, School of Transnational Governance Executive Training on Climate Finance.

Climate change is likely to modify significantly patterns of capital investments and constitutes both a risk and an opportunity for investors and financial institutions.

In this 2-days Executive Training Seminar high-level experts will discuss the most relevant topics in the climate finance field, aiming to demonstrate how changing finance is pivotal to finance change that is required by the Paris Agreement.

The seminar will target a specialized audience composed of mid-career senior officers and policy makers from climate and finance ministries, central banks, insurance companies, pension funds, international financial institutions, state investment banks and finance agents at different levels.

The training is jointly organized by the School of Transnational Governance and the FSR Climate of the European University Institute.

See here for more information.