05/30/2019 - CleanLaw Podcast - Electricity Law Initiative

CleanLaw: Ari Peskoe Interviews Matt Christiansen on the Federal Power Act, ZECs, and “FERC and Climate Change” Article

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In this episode of CleanLaw, Ari Peskoe talks to Matt Christiansen, legal advisor to FERC Commissioner Richard Glick, about the Federal Power Act and Matt’s recent article co-authored with Commissioner Glick about FERC and climate change. Ari and Matt discuss recent federal court decisions about Zero Emission Credits (ZECs) and what they mean for the future of state electricity policies. Then, Matt outlines his article and explains how FERC’s authority over interstate power markets and natural gas infrastructure siting relates to greenhouse gas reduction efforts. “FERC and Climate Change” is available on the Energy Law Journal’s website.