05/13/2019 - Clean Car Rules - CleanLaw Podcast

CleanLaw: Joe Goffman Interviews Bill Becker on Vehicle Emissions Standards Rollbacks and Public Health

In this episode of CleanLaw, our executive director Joe Goffman speaks with Bill Becker, former Executive Director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies until his retirement in 2017 and current President of Becker Environmental Consulting. Bill and Mary Becker have just published The Devastating Impacts of the Trump Proposal to Roll Back Greenhouse Gas Vehicle Emissions Standards, a report on the Trump proposal to weaken vehicle greenhouse gas emissions standards. They describe the effects this proposal will have on public health, state compliance with the Clean Air Act, and industry operations. In addition to increasing greenhouse gas emissions, other harmful emissions will rise, such as smog-forming pollutants, fine particles, and cancer-causing air toxics.

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To learn more about this rollback, you can listen to Caitlin McCoy and Michelle Melton’s podcast, discussing the lead up to and details of the proposed rules, and ongoing and future litigation around these rules.

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