04/23/2020 - Regulatory Rollbacks - Student Work

How to Undo the Environmental Regulatory Rollbacks

by Cole Jermyn, JD 2021, Laura Bloomer

How can a new administration reinstate and strengthen the environmental regulations that the Trump administration has rolled back?

It depends. Each rule has a different timeline, legal justification, and litigation history that affects how it can be reversed or modified. A new administration will have the power to undo some of the rollbacks quickly and easily. Other rollbacks may be difficult or impossible to undo.

In our white paper, How to Undo the Trump-Era Regulatory Rollbacks to Redo Environmental Protection, Cole Jermyn, JD 2021 and Laura Bloomer, EELP Legal Fellow, detail the legal processes and standards a future administration will need to follow to modify the Trump-era regulatory rollbacks, from final rules to executive orders and guidance memos. Read the full paper here.


Flowchart describing the process to modify final rules