11/05/2020 - Clean Water Act - CleanLaw Podcast - Environmental Justice

CleanLaw: Erin Brockovich and Caitlin McCoy on Water Pollution Regulations and Effective Advocacy

In our 50th episode of CleanLaw, Erin Brockovich speaks with Caitlin McCoy about some of the major water issues in the U.S. today and what people can do to work toward better water quality in their communities and beyond. Their conversation covers community science, tips for effective advocacy, legacy water pollution issues, and the problems with current laws and regulations. Erin shares an inspiring message that we all have the power to demand better drinking water and smarter approaches to regulation. You can read more in Erin’s new book, Superman’s Not Coming: Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can Do About It. Click here for a transcript of this episode.