12/06/2023 - Methane Regulation

Super Emitter Program: Leveraging Third-party Expertise to Find Large Emission Events

The EPA uses its Clean Air Act section 114 authority to require oil and natural gas companies to investigate potential super emitter events (i.e., at least 100 kg/hr). The program relies on work practice standards and compliance assurance provisions under Clean Air Act section 111 to require companies to fix such emission sources if they are the result of equipment failure and not of normal operation.

Super Emitter Program Timeline 1: Super emitter event detected by Certified Third Party. Notifies EPA within 15 days. 2: EPA evaluates notification; if it passes screening, EPA notifies owner/operator; public notified of event but source not identified. 3: Owner/operator initiates investigation within five days of EPA notification. 4: Owner/operator has 15 days to submit report to EPA. EPA publicly attributes the release to the source. 5: Owner/operator notifies EPA once super emitter event ends if it was ongoing.


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