04/25/2024 - Power Sector Rules

Timelines of EPA’s Final Rules to Reduce Climate Changing Pollution from Power Plants

Today the Biden administration released its final regulations to limit greenhouse emissions from existing coal-fired and new gas-fired power plants.

If a coal plant plans to operate for a long time (i.e., beyond 2039), plants must meet an emission rate by 2032 that is based on operating the plant with CCS. However, if a company plans to continue to operate a coal plant until 2039, it can meet a less stringent emission rate. Plants retiring by 2032 are not subject to the final rule. Watch: Changes between the proposed and final rule.


New gas-fired power plants can continue to be built today. If a company plans to operate it as a baseload plant, it must meet an emission rate in 2032 consistent with operating the plant with CCS. Units not operating as baseload can continue to meet a standard consistent with current emission rates. Watch: Changes between the proposed and final rule.

EPA included several provisions to respond to reliability considerations, including a short-term reliability mechanism and up to one-year extensions if a unit is needed for reliability or an operator faces a pollution control installation delay beyond its control. States can amend their state plans if extensions beyond a year are needed, and the Clean Air Act allows states to consider remaining useful life and other factors if, for example, a pollution control is physically impossible or technically infeasible.