Stakeholder Engagement for the Legal Defense of Clean Energy Regulations

The legal durability of the Biden administration’s climate regulations is essential to achieving the administration’s objectives and deploying the clean energy solutions necessary to address climate change. Effective regulations must be grounded in science, technology, economics, public health, and law.  As a legal think tank, we convene stakeholders with such expertise to develop legal and regulatory solutions necessary for technology breakthroughs and evolving business models to succeed. Most recently, we have convened diverse stakeholders to consider regulatory options for the power sector and oil and natural gas sectors. We also help to facilitate the Convener’s Network, which supports states and their stakeholders address the energy and environmental challenges associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy. Our co-founders are the Georgetown Climate Center, the Great Plains Institute, Duke’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, and Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University.

Featured Work

Webinar The evolving technology landscape for gas-fired electricity generation Reducing emissions from the electricity sector requires a shift to low- and zero-emitting technologies over time. This webinar explores low- and zero-carbon technologies available for natural gas-fired electricity generation. (June 2, 2022)

Webinar Regulations for a Clean Power Sector A look at the EPA’s “sector-wide roadmap,” potential legal challenges, and the implications for the power industry. Hosted by Our Energy Policy and featuring Carrie Jenks and Dale Bryk. (March 9, 2022)