Legal Dilemmas Rising with the Seas

Our Sea Level Rise and Oceans Work

Shifting coastlines, more intense storms, and other climate change impacts require novel applications of law and consideration of new fact patterns. Existing legal frameworks can constrain policy responses and limit our ability to address climate change impacts like sea level rise. Legal barriers may prevent individuals, companies, and governments from acting to protect communities and the economy, and actions taken can trigger liabilities and equity concerns.

Climate change heightens our need to rapidly develop offshore renewable energy and introduces new stressors on existing uses, presenting new challenges to regulatory structures.

We have built a body of work on the legal issues that arise as our communities face new challenges in their relationship with the seas. Our work analyzes legal questions related to sea level rise, managing ocean resources, and how climate change impacts our relationship with the ocean.

Sea Level Rise & Disaster Resilience

Offshore Wind Development


Offshore Oil & Gas