In-Depth Analyses

In addition to our principal projects, we’ve done extensive research in other areas. Below are the topics we’re digging into these days.

Biden’s First 100 Days of Climate Action

100 days into the Biden administration, we review the progress made on the climate and environmental goals outlined in his first week in office — undoing Trump rollbacks, implementing environmental justice and decarbonization priorities, and returning to the international stage. Read our Biden’s First 100 Days of Climate Action report and view our companion Biden Climate Orders Progress Tracker spreadsheet.

Biden’s Week One: Mapping Ambitious Climate Action

President Biden wasted no time in outlining a plan for addressing Trump’s legacy of undermining public health and environmental protections and kicking off the “whole of government” effort to achieve the ambitious environmental and climate goals set during his campaign. He signed multiple Executive Orders and presidential memoranda in the first week that initiate activity in numerous federal agencies. Together, these executive actions kick off an abundance of work within federal agencies ranging from reviewing, revising, and rescinding rules to researching and recommending specific steps to achieve the goals laid out in these directives. EELP prepared resources to help you understand these directives and track the agency work that results.

Climate-Related Disclosure and Financial Risk Management

Climate change impacts have become more evident, triggering concern and calls to action among individuals, governments, and the private sector alike. This has impacted the investor-company relationship. Shareholders increasingly view information about the risk climate change poses to individual companies as critical to their investment decisionmaking, influencing corporate disclosure practices and legal requirements. Financial institutions are also coming to terms with their potential exposure to climate-related risks, resulting in additional pressure for substantive, climate-related disclosure. Click here to see our corporate disclosure and financial risk management work.

Legal Dilemmas Rising with the Seas

Shifting coastlines and more intense storms are changing our relationship with the ocean. These and other climate change impacts require novel applications of law and consideration of new fact patterns. Existing legal frameworks can constrain policy responses and limit our ability to address climate change impacts like sea level rise. Legal barriers may prevent individuals, companies, and governments from acting to protect communities and the economy; and actions taken can trigger liabilities and equity concerns. Click here to see our work on the legal issues that arise as our communities face new challenges in their relationship with the seas.