Other Projects

Below are our other areas of work, legal analyses, and archives.

Legal Dilemmas Rising with the Seas

Shifting coastlines and more intense storms are changing our relationship with the ocean. These and other climate change impacts require novel applications of law and consideration of new fact patterns. Here we consider multiple aspects of climate change and the ocean: Sea Level Rise & Disaster Resilience, Offshore Wind Development, Offshore Oil and Gas, and the Laws that Govern the Seas.

Preparing for and the Beginning of the Biden Administration

Priorities for a Biden/Harris Administration: Day One Steps, Paris Agreement, Environmental Justice, and EPA and DOI Actions: In anticipation of the 2020 presidential election we examined climate, energy, and environmental priorities from the Biden/Harris campaign, surveyed proposals made by outside experts, and reviewed our own work tracking the Trump administration’s regulatory changes.

President Biden signed multiple executive orders and presidential memoranda in the first week, launching a flurry of activity across federal agencies. In this extensive report we analyze and chart the implications of these on the Trump-era rollbacks and future climate and environmental action.

In The First 100 Days of Climate Action report we reviewed the progress made on the climate and environmental goals outlined in Biden’s first week in office—undoing Trump rollbacks, implementing environmental justice and decarbonization priorities, and returning to the international stage.

Trump Era Tracking and Analyses

During the Trump administration, we developed our EPA Mission Tracker to detail the ways in which the Trump administration attacked EPA’s ability to fulfill its public health and environmental mission. Our Analysis of Trump Environmental Regulatory Actions is a list of blogs, white papers, podcasts, and law review articles documenting the effects of the Trump administration on environmental and energy law. Former President Trump signed many executive orders that rolled back environmental or public health protections, which we’ve detailed on our Executive Orders In-Depth page. On our Looking Ahead page we compiled our work on why and how the Trump administration’s legacy will fade as the incoming Biden/Harris administration seizes the initiative in making renewed environmental progress.

The Future of Energy Production

We analyzed trends in private sector responses to the clean energy transition and physical risks of climate change. Click here to learn more.