State and Local Climate Strategies

States, counties, and cities continue to operate as climate policy laboratories given the lack of federal action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and active efforts to undo existing climate policies over the last four years under the Trump administration. We offer policymakers legal analysis of high-impact opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate adaptation. This portfolio was developed by Caitlin McCoy and will continue to be updated.

Legal Analysis at a State and Local Scale

State policy has long been a wellspring of inspiration for federal policy and a proving ground for innovative ideas. States and local governments have been leading the U.S. response to climate change over the last two years. To facilitate continued progress to mitigate climate change, we will be producing a series of policy guides that map out the legal landscape that state and local policymakers must navigate to achieve greenhouse gas reductions in key sectors within their authority. From transportation to building energy codes to waste management, state and local governments have valuable opportunities to design and implement programs that drive down greenhouse gas emissions today and into the future.

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